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Jax Locksmith Pro is the only 24-7 car locksmith Jacksonville Fl you need in the Jacksonville area.

So what exactly does a car locksmith do you ask? Well, in many ways, it’s very similar to what a residential or commercial locksmith does. That means that we’ll be able to make new keys, copy cold keys, repair locks, and even install locks! We also provide a 24/7 car lockout service to unlock car when it has been locked with you on the outide!

At the same time though, a automative locksmith also needs to be able to do many other things. That’s because a car key is actually a bit more complex than a regular key – so you’ll see options like car key repair listed. A car key doesn’t only unlock the latch mechanism on a car, it also uses a digital code in order to turn off the immobilizer.

An immobilizer is a part of a car that prevents the ignition from starting without the owner’s permission. This ensures that it’s impossible to steal a car by simply breaking the door open – but it does also mean that you’re extra stuck should you find yourself with a lost car key. Likewise, it means you need a car locksmith to provide car key repair when it breaks.


24/7 Car Locksmith Jacksonville, FL

Jax Locksmith Pro is a 24/7 car locksmith. What that means, is that we can help you to unlock your car at any time of day – which is essential for any lockout service.

If you are locked out of your car, then you can call our locksmith services to come and help you regain access.

There are several ways that this works. The first thing that a good vehicle locksmith service will try, is to gain entry to your car without damaging it.

Often this means entering through the small gap between the window and the door. This way, we can carefully reach the latch to unlock it. Otherwise, we might try picking the lock, or using a special skeleton key.

What sets us apart as the best locksmith Jacksonville has to offer though, is that we can also provide the range of other locksmith services. That means car key repair, duplicate car keys and reprogramming. So if you don’t have the original key, or if yours is broken, then we can program a new one so that it will be able to start your car.

Car locksmith Jacksonville FL

This makes the difference between being stranded on the side of a road for hours on end, or being able to regain entry quickly to your vehicle so that you can be on your way. And it’s why we highly recommend that all drivers in Jacksonville keep our number in their phone.

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We provide other services too. our car key replacement locksmith can also copy a key for example if you want a spare one to give to a friend or relative, and we can help to repair broken car locks.

Whatever the case, you’ll find that Jax Locksmith Pro is extremely professional, highly efficient, and very affordable. Why go anywhere else for your locksmith Jacksonville?

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