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Commercial Lockouts

When you think of getting locked out, you probably think primarily of residential properties. We’ve all heard stories of people trying to climb in through their windows, or begging with their children through the letterbox or cat flap to let them in.

But that’s not the only type of lockout. In fact, just as common is the commercial lockout: when a business owner gets locked out of their store, their restaurant, their hotel, or their office. In that situation the need a locksmith who provides 24/7 emergency commercial lock opening services.

What’s more is that these lockouts can occur indoors too. A business might get locked out of a specific room on the premises, or might get locked out of a safe or out of a till system. This can leave you without access to your money, and with no way to serve customers! And of course that can end up costing your business a lot of money.

Not only that, but commercial lockouts can be highly dangerous, depending on the type of business that you own. If you lock yourself out of a kitchen with hot appliances running for example, then this can be a fire hazard. Getting doors locked when you have a large footfall can end up funneling the human traffic in an inappropriate manner, thereby resulting in the risk of a stampede.

Business lockouts are very real then, and can result in a lot of things going wrong. That’s why it’s important to have access to a lockout service that is familiar with all kinds of business lockouts, and all the different high security locks and safes that many businesses employ.


24/7 Emergency Commercial Lock Opening Service

At Jax Locksmith Pro, that is precisely what we offer. We are a commercial and residential locksmith service that also offer 24 7 emergency commercial lock opening services. Keep our number close to hand, and that way you’ll be able to quickly get these situations under control before you lose money, data, or your reputation.

Countless businesses rely on us to help with their business lockouts, because we are ceaselessly reliable. Jax Locksmith Pro always arrives in good time and is available to take calls 24/7. We are a commercial and residential locksmith service that also offer commercial lockout services.

We charge highly competitive rates

We work with keyless systems, master key systems, high security locks, deadbolt locks, padlocks, and any other type of lock. We can open safes, and we can provide quick access to mailboxes and till systems.

And when we offer these locksmith services, we are always prompt, efficient, friendly, and highly professional. We understand that time is money, and so we make sure to get in and out of your premises in the minimal time and creating the minimal amount of fuss. 

We take great effort to avoid damaging your property, and we charge highly competitive rates. Our experts know how to handle and  work with deadbolt locks, padlocks, and any other type. 24 7 emergency commercial lock opening services comes handy in case of emergencies lockouts.

Residential Locksmith Service in Jacksonville, FL

For any business, having the number of a commercial locksmith service should be considered a type of essential insurance. If you’re looking for such a commercial locksmith Jacksonville, then Jax Locksmith Pro is the best option for you. We can provide all the commercial locksmith services you need better than the competition, so why look anywhere else?

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