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Car Key Replacement

At Jax Locksmith Pro, we provide car key replacement services to help you replace your lost keys, as well as to make new copies that you can give to friends and relatives. There are many reasons that you might need our car key replacement services, and in this post, you will see just how and why you should get in touch.


I made an appointment with Jax Locksmith Pro to come and rekey my new house. They arrived on time and were very efficient. The price was the best out of all the companies that I called prior to hiring these guys! I’d recommend them to anyone. Thank you
Juliette LTrevino
Juliette LTrevino
22:23 18 Nov 19
Top notch service and very professional!! Rekeyed five locks and made new keys in about 30 minutes. His years of expertise came in handy with our old lock. Reasonable rates and efficient. I highly recommend Jax Locksmith Pro.
Jeffrey Evans
Jeffrey Evans
02:57 16 Nov 19
I locked my keys in my trunk at the grocery store and I was super upset! When I called Jax Locksmith Pro they came in no time to unlock it and save my groceries from going bad in the heat! I’m really glad I was able to get such great service so quickly! Highly recommend
delivery acccount
delivery acccount
03:09 15 Nov 19
Bulent did an amazing job changing all our locks and keys for the new house we just bought. He showed up on time and was very professional. His pricing was very reasonable and affordable. I highly recommend him.
Frank Henderson
Frank Henderson
05:28 08 Nov 19
Needed to have the exterior locks changed on our building. Jax Locksmith Pro answered on the first call and came within the first hour. He was quick and efficient and did a great job. I will definitely be recommending him to my friends.
Tim Newman
Tim Newman
02:29 29 Oct 19
Izzy is the best!!! I could not be happier with his service. Just bought a home and he came in right away and changed my locks in about 1 hr for 3 doors. And his pricing is amazing and absolutely fair!! So helpful and so kind!!! Very responsive.
Sam Glover
Sam Glover
19:26 23 Oct 19
Great service, quick professional work. I highly recommend him. Price was reasonable and cheaper than all other options. Thanks again!!
Theresa Watson
Theresa Watson
20:59 17 Oct 19
Extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Walked me through each step so in the future I could even solve similar issue. Highly recommend. Professional and most importantly, very nice and informative. 5 stars!!
Dan Davies
Dan Davies
07:05 27 Sep 19

Need a Car Key Made?

There are many reasons that you might need a car key made. If you have been searching for ‘need a key made for my car’, then you probably know all about them!  In many cases, the car key replacement will be for those that have lost their own keys.

We often hear from people who tell us ‘I’ve lost my car key’ and in that scenario, We at Jax Locksmith Pro are able to make them a brand new one – which is something, not every automotive locksmith will be able to do.

The challenge here lies in the fact that a car key is somewhat more complicated than a regular house key. That’s because the key needs to fit inside the lock and turn the latch mechanism – just like a house key – but also needs to contain the car key transponder chip in order to trigger the ignition to start. 

Many a locksmith service is only able to copy the mechanical key, not the transponder. Thus they will get called out for car lockout situations, but won’t actually be able to help – because the driver doesn’t have the original key! 


Because we are able to make the key and the transponder chip, we can provide the full set of services you need to get back in.

There are other reasons you might need a 24-7 car locksmith or automotive keys made. For one, you might decide to make a spare. Having just a single key is never a particularly good idea, seeing as it is so easy to misplace or lose them, leaving yourself locked out of your vehicle.

Likewise, you may wish to give car keys to family members or friends. This can serve as a backup in case you lose your own, but it will also be a great way to show trust and to give someone else more mobility. Remember you need to get them insured too! 

Best Car Key Replacement Service

So that’s why you might need a car locksmith service. But why choose Jax Locksmith Pro for your locksmith Jacksonville?

There are many reasons you should let us replace your lost car key. For one, we are a highly affordable auto locksmith service – much more so than many of the other companies that operate in the area.

Jax Locksmith Pro is also the most efficient and skilled locksmith service. As described, Jax Locksmith Pro is able to offer the full range of auto locksmith services – which makes a huge difference. We are fast too, reliable, and extremely passionate about what we do. We know how distressing it is to lose or break a key, and that’s why we are so keen to help.

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