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Door Closers Installation in jacksonville

A door closer is a highly useful mechanism that you find in many businesses, stores, and homes. However, it is also one of the lesser known locksmith services, which is why it’s something that we always like to explain to our customers and clients.

Many people assume that a locksmith service like Jax Locksmith Pro will only work with locks and the occasional keyless system. However, that is not true at all! Not only can we help with other aspects of your security, safes, and mailboxes, but we can also improve access to your property in general. One way we do this is through the installation of door closers.


Door Closers Installation and Replacement Service in Jacksonville, FL

So, what are door closers?
These are the dampening mechanisms found on doors that prevent them from slamming. You will find them all kinds of doors, including your cupboards doors in the kitchen, and often on the main doors within offices and commercial properties.

A locksmith service will largely work with door closers for larger doors, though we have been known to help with the occasional cabinet or cupboard!

So what’s the point of the door closer, other than to take the wind out of your arguments?

Essentially, by preventing doors from being slammed, a door closer can help to reduce the chances of property damage, of noise pollution, and of injury.

If someone should slam a door on purpose or by accident, then this can cause injury if it should hit another individual, or if it causes fingers to get trapped in the edge. In fact, this can sometimes lead to the loss of entire fingers!

What’s more, is that a slamming door can result in the door becoming damaged – or even the lock inside the door. This is something that no good locksmith service will allow to go unnoticed!

Door closers have many other benefits too. They help to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere. This is especially important in areas with lots of doors, where gusts of wind might otherwise breeze through and slam the doors.

Our Promise

At Jax Locksmith Pro, we offer the full range of locksmith services, which includes the installation of door closers. We pride ourselves on provide a quick, efficient, and highly professional service, and on installing only the very best products for our clients and customers.
In short, when you hire Jax Locksmith Pro, you know that your new installation will be perfectly tailored to your needs and budget, and that it will be installed perfectly and to the highest possible standards. We work quickly and without mess, and we always arrive on time. We are friendly, professional, and transparent – and we offer the very best rates in the industry.
If you are interested in getting door closers, or you need a locksmith Jacksonville for any other purpose, then just get in touch and we’ll provide a free, no-obligation quote. We look forward to working with you and making your property that little bit more peaceful.

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