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Home Lockout

Need a locksmith now? Looking for an anytime locksmith that you can rely on… and that won’t cost the Earth? Then you’re in the right place!

Being locked out of your home can at times be amusing. It might make for a funny story when you recount it to friends, and it certainly can teach you a thing or two about keeping an eye on your keys!

But being locked out can also be extremely dangerous. Imagine this scene for a moment: you’re a Mum and you’re looking after the kids (3 and 5) on your own while your partner is at work. You step out of the front door just for a moment to collect some post, but it closes behind you. Because you live in a condo, there’s an automatic lock and you’re unable to get back in. You’re in your pyjamas, which would be embarrassing enough; but worse is that you’ve left the oven on. And the kids are loose.

This is an example of an extremely dangerous situation, and one which calls for a 24 hour locksmith to come and help you right away.


Luckily, when you’re locked out, you can always rely on Jax Locksmith Pro. Jax Locksmith Pro is a no-nonsense pro locksmith in your area that can solve nearly any home lock out and that will come to your aid when you need it most.

We highly recommend that you note down our number and keep it to hand. Having an anytime locksmith in your phone book is absolutely essential.

Emergency Locksmith Jacksonville, FL available 24 hour

Googling “the nearest locksmith near me” is something you should do long before you actually need their services. Not only because you might be locked out without access to a phone, but also because you’ll that way have the luxury of picking a pro locksmith that will meet all your requirements.

When you choose a locksmith to help you in an emergency, it’s important firstly that they be a fast locksmith – that much is self-evident. That’s a same day locksmith that will be able to come out that day, rather than needing you to make an appointment.

At the same time though, you also need to consider the company’s reputation. Is this home locksmith a good one? Will they actually be able to help when you are locked out? Is their experience and training broad enough to be able to handle most locks?

Consider pricing as well, and the precise services offered. Can they cut a new key for you then and there? Do they also offer auto locksmith services?

If you’re looking for a 24 hour locksmith that you can trust in your area, then look no further than Jax Locksmith Pro. We have been operating in Jacksonville for the last 4 years and we have encountered every kind of lockout and job you can image. Each and every time, we’ve managed to help our clients get in and to safety in no time.

So make a note of our number and hopefully you won’t need to use it!

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