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Locked Out of House

If you found this page by searching ‘got locked out of house’ on Google while locked out of your home, then good news: you’re in the right place!

Jax Locksmith Pro provides the best home lockout services in Jacksonville Fl that can help you get back into your property in the minimum amount of time. We are the number one locksmith service in the region, and we can help no matter the type of lock you have, or the nature of your situation. For more information, keep reading.


Home Lockout Services in Jacksonville, FL

As a residential locksmith in Jacksonville, it is our job to help residents of Jacksonville to enter their premises when they have lost their keys. We aim to do this while creating the minimal amount of damage to the property, and will leave the premises fully secure and with a new key for future access.

So here’s how it works

The first thing you’ll need to do is to get in touch and let us know where you are and what you need. Tell us whether you lost the key, whether the lock is broken, and whether you are safe. We’ll also want to know the type of lock you have (if you know), the state it was in (on or off the latch?), and what type of door it was.

We don’t only help for those that got locked out of house, but also for those locked out of specific rooms, safes, or briefcases. Our experts can can help you with lock change services at an affordable price options.

We need to know this because every type of lock is different and the type of locksmith service we provide will depend on that. If the lock can be picked or opened by a skeleton key for instance, then we can do this and help you to get quickly back into your property without causing any damage.

But if you have a deadlock, if you have a latch as well, or if the type of lock is more complex (say a smart lock), then we need to change strategy. Don’t worry, Jax Locksmith Pro works with every kind of lock and can help you no matter the nature of your situation! We can even open car locks!

Home Lockout Services in Jacksonville, FL

In some cases, we might need to unscrew the lock however, or drill a small hole. Locksmith services understand this can be distressing, and that’s why our technicians are always extremely careful not to cause any unnecessary damage or mess in your home. In a few rare cases, we might need to remove the door, or open the window instead.

Our after hours locksmith will then let you back into your home right away, after which we can begin to make you a new key (unless it’s inside). We can copy keys, or even lock rekey or replace locks where necessary. We won’t leave until you are safe and secure, and you have a means of access control.

Jax Locksmith Pro is the best locksmith Jacksonville company. We are fast, efficient, and as you can see – able to cope with any situation. So if you’re locked out of your home, give us a call!

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