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What is lock rekeying? And why should you rekey locks using a locksmith Jacksonville?

Essentially, when you rekey locks, you change the keys that work in them. This means that any old keys you happen to own will no longer work. At the same time, you will have new keys that do open this new lock.

So why would you want to do that? Essentially, because choosing to rekey locks means you don’t need to replace them entirely. That in turn means that the new lock will be more secure, but you won’t need to go through the invasive process of having your door drilled open – nor will you need to spend as much.

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    At Jax Locksmith Pro, we make it extremely quick and easy to rekey locks. And we can handle any type of lock you can throw at us. We often carry out Kwikset rekeys, we rekey Schlage deadbolt locks, and we rekey kwikset lock doors.

    We complete this work quickly, and to the best possible standard. Because it’s much quicker to rekey a lock, you’ll find that our locksmith service can often be in and out in less than an hour!

    In case you still can’t envisage why you might need to use a locksmith Jacksonville to rekey locks, then consider the following scenario: your daughter has been dating a guy for the last few years. He had become part of the family, to the extent that he even had his own key. Now they have broken up however, and you’re seeing a different side to him – you can’t trust him not to use that key when you’re out, in order to enact some form of revenge.

    You could always replace the locks entirely, but this would be expensive and would require you to take several locks off of the doors – potentially damaging them in the process. It also makes a lot of mess (comparatively, though at Jax Locksmith Pro we pride ourselves on working quickly, quietly, and largely mess-free).

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    Instead then, why not rekey the lock and that way prevent them from using the key without having to change anything?

    Another scenario when people commonly wish to rekey their locks, is when they have been burgled, or when a key has been lost or stolen. In these scenarios, someone out there has a key to your home and may not have innocent intentions. Again, it’s a matter of replacing the lock entirely, or just getting a rekey.




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    So why might you choose to change the locks on house instead of getting a rekey?
    Well, one reason is if you simply want a new lock in order to increase security. If you have a relatively old-fashioned lock, then you might wish to invest in a high-security lock in order to keep your property and your family even safer.
    Alternatively, you might find your existing lock starts to become stiff and jams often. In this case, replacing the lock can pre-empt it breaking entirely.

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