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Lock Change

Whether you are installing a new front door lock, or looking at changing the locks on other doors in your home or business, then you should get in touch with Jax Locksmith Pro. We serves the Jacksonville area with lock change services in Jacksonville Fl.

We can help you to find the very best security solutions for your premises, and install them quickly, affordably, and with the minimum fuss and mess.

That means we can quickly change the lock on your door, to provide you with greater security and improved access control.


Lock Change Service in Jacksonville, FL

So why should you get your locks changed? There are a number of key reasons (no pun intended). In many cases, a lock change is required from our locksmith service simply to upgrade security. If you have had the same locks for a long time, then a door lock replacement will often mean choosing higher security locks that will be better at keeping the people out who you don’t want to come in!

At the same time, a newer lock can help you to avoid the degradation that occurs over time. Lock starting to stick? Key requiring force to turn? If you avoid changing the locks on an apartment door, or on your home, then there’s a chance that one day you’ll find yourself locked outside the property with no way of getting in. Instead of waiting until it gets to this point, changing the locks right now makes much more sense so that you can get in. We can also help you with door closers installation.

In other cases, people might be looking for a door lock change near Jacksonville following a lost key or forced entry. Knowing that someone out there has the ability to get into your home is extremely disconcerting. In this case, changing the locks is the best option to regain that peace of mind. We have required tools like key fob, skeleton key of high grade to deliver quality services.


How Does a Locksmith Change the Locks?

Changing the locks can mean a number of things depending on the service you require, and the price and time taken will also vary depending on numerous factors. Our experts know how to do master key system setup and repairs.

Firstly, consider that there is a difference between rekeying a lock and changing the lock. A door lock change will normally mean that your locksmith service physically removes the lock from the door by taking out the cylinder (and possibly the whole handle) and then installing an entirely new system.

This means your new lock will work differently from the old one, and you’ll have all new keys. This option is best suited to those that need to upgrade their security.

Rekeying, on the other hand, means that the same lock will now not accept the old keys. This is the best option for those that simply need to keep certain people out, or that have lost keys. This way you can restore the security for your property without the need to completely change the lock.

That means you will spend less time and make less mess in the process. If you are looking for a licensed locksmith in Jacksonville to handle a lock change or any other service, then get in touch with Jax Locksmith Pro today!

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