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Jax Locksmith Pro is one of the leading locksmith companies for Neptune Beach, FL and surrounding areas. We have a reliable team of accredited and trained locksmiths as part of our team, and we cater to a range of locksmith and security needs for your home, business or vehicle. We’ve been the top locksmith company for several years running.

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Home, Commercial and Auto Locksmith

Our home, commercial and auto locksmith services have you covered no matter what your needs might be. Many of our first-time clients aren’t sure just what their needs are when they contact us, and here’s where our team can make recommendations for which changes to your current security system would ensure you’re the most secure.

From lock installations through to re-key services, Jax Locksmith Pro has got you covered.

We’re the experts, and that’s just one more reason why we’re one of the best locksmith companies in town.

Our Locksmith Services

Need a locksmith? We do a lot more than just unlock things in the event of an emergency. Here are some of the services Jax Locksmith Pro has to offer. Get in touch if you need any related locksmith or security services that you didn’t see on this list.

  • Lock installation, replacement or repair
  • Key duplication and re-key services
  • High-security lock installation and repair
  • Emergency lockout services
  • Surveillance installation and repair

Our Unlocking Guarantee

We’re an accredited and well-trained locksmith company, and we guarantee that we can install, repair, replace and unlock the majority of different locks available on the market. This is true even when we’re talking about vintage or high-security locks. Our technicians can even recommend one of our related services that you might need after you’ve needed our emergency lockout service, including lock replacement.

Available 24/7 for Lockout Emergencies

Locked out of something important? Locksmith emergencies are one of the most common types of calls we get, and we’ve assisted hundreds of people all over Neptune Beach with commercial, auto and home lockout emergencies. If you’re stuck or stranded, we can send an expert technician to your location to help.

Why a Nearby Locksmith?

We’re one of the best local locksmith companies for Neptune Beach – and there’s good reason why you should choose to hire a local locksmith company for your needs. Choosing a local locksmith means that you can cut out the travelling costs of a locksmith needing to drive to you, which can be most of what you’re paying for when you hire any other out-of-town locksmith company. When you’re looking for a reliable locksmith in Neptune Beach, get in touch.

Covering Neptune Beach, FL and Surrounds

Jax Locksmith Pro covers all of Neptune Beach, FL and surrounding areas; if you’re stuck or stranded anywhere in Neptune Beach, we can send an expert locksmith from our team over to your location to help – and if you fall outside of the areas we cover, we can refer you to one of our affiliate companies who can help.

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