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Master Key Systems

At Jax Locksmith Pro, we offer every kind of lock that your business or residential property could need. These include locks that provide every level of security – including the very best high security locks – and the simplest solutions for those on a tight budget.

But different locks don’t only result in different levels of security – they can also change your relationship with your property and your access control, potentially helping you to streamline aspects of your business, save money, and save time as well. A master key system is just such a solution – and it’s one that Jax Locksmith Pro specialize in.


I made an appointment with Jax Locksmith Pro to come and rekey my new house. They arrived on time and were very efficient. The price was the best out of all the companies that I called prior to hiring these guys! I’d recommend them to anyone. Thank you
Juliette LTrevino
Juliette LTrevino
22:23 18 Nov 19
Top notch service and very professional!! Rekeyed five locks and made new keys in about 30 minutes. His years of expertise came in handy with our old lock. Reasonable rates and efficient. I highly recommend Jax Locksmith Pro.
Jeffrey Evans
Jeffrey Evans
02:57 16 Nov 19
I locked my keys in my trunk at the grocery store and I was super upset! When I called Jax Locksmith Pro they came in no time to unlock it and save my groceries from going bad in the heat! I’m really glad I was able to get such great service so quickly! Highly recommend
delivery acccount
delivery acccount
03:09 15 Nov 19
Bulent did an amazing job changing all our locks and keys for the new house we just bought. He showed up on time and was very professional. His pricing was very reasonable and affordable. I highly recommend him.
Frank Henderson
Frank Henderson
05:28 08 Nov 19
Needed to have the exterior locks changed on our building. Jax Locksmith Pro answered on the first call and came within the first hour. He was quick and efficient and did a great job. I will definitely be recommending him to my friends.
Tim Newman
Tim Newman
02:29 29 Oct 19
Izzy is the best!!! I could not be happier with his service. Just bought a home and he came in right away and changed my locks in about 1 hr for 3 doors. And his pricing is amazing and absolutely fair!! So helpful and so kind!!! Very responsive.
Sam Glover
Sam Glover
19:26 23 Oct 19
Great service, quick professional work. I highly recommend him. Price was reasonable and cheaper than all other options. Thanks again!!
Theresa Watson
Theresa Watson
20:59 17 Oct 19
Extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Walked me through each step so in the future I could even solve similar issue. Highly recommend. Professional and most importantly, very nice and informative. 5 stars!!
Dan Davies
Dan Davies
07:05 27 Sep 19

Master Key System Setup and Deployment in Jacksonville, FL

A master key system is a system where you may have multiple different locks and keys, where each key can open one or several of those locks. However, the master key is a key that can then open several of these locks or even all of them.

The best master key system can also work with a wide variety of different types of locks, from padlocks and deadbolt locks, to safes, and front doors. Master key locks work using a master key cylinder, and are just as secure as other types of lock – but endlessly more versatile.

So, what might you use a master key system for?

One common example is the master key system for apartment building. If you have an apartment building owned by a landlord, where each property within that building is leased to a different tenant, then the master key system is the ideal situation. This way, the landlord will have access to every apartment within the building, but each tenant will only have access to their own apartment. This keeps the building secure, but it also means that the landlord can help them to make repairs – or to check in on them if they are breaching the terms of the contract.

Master key systems can also be useful around the house, and certainly in commercial properties. Instead of needing separate keys for front and back doors, or separate keys for your cupboards and safes, this ensures that with just one key, you can access everything you need. You’re far less likely to get locked out, and you can carry far fewer keys when you go on holiday!

For schools it’s ideal too – gone are the days where a janitor would need to carry a keychain with hundreds of keys hanging off of it!

Jax Locksmith Pro is a locksmith Jacksonville. If you have a residential property or commercial property in the area and you are looking for a master key system to provide better access control, then just get in touch. We offer by far the most competitive rates in the business, and we take a huge amount of pride in the work we do. Expect to see better locks, installed more securely, and with the minimal expense and fuss.

We look forward to working with you and keeping you safe!

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