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Panic Bar And Standalone Alarms

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Panic Bars and Standalone Alarms

As a locksmith service Jacksonville, our primary concern is the safety and security of our clients. This is our passion and our dedication, and we work tirelessly to ensure that everyone we work with gets it.

But sometimes the job of a locksmith is not only to ensure people are kept in – but also to help them to get out. This is where a panic bar door comes in – also known as an emergency crash bar or an exit door push bar. To learn more about what this is, why you might need one, and why Jax Locksmith Pro is the perfect company to help with your installation, keep reading.


Exit Panic Bar Installation Jacksonville, FL

A panic bar is a special type of installation that makes a door easier to exit. You have likely encountered these on fire escapes and other emergency access doors. The idea is simple: instead of needing to turn a key, or to push down on a handle, the panic bar simply requires that you push anywhere on it in order to unlatch the door and get out of the room. This can be the difference between life and death, and is absolutely crucial for many businesses and residential properties. In fact, a panic bar door might be a legal requirement depending on the type of organization you run and the nature of your premises.

Stand alone alarms meanwhile are alarms that are separate from a wider security system. This means that they aren’t reliant on the rest of the security system and can be triggered as and when they are needed without fail.

You might be wondering why you would need either of these things. What difference can a door exit bar make? How hard is it to open a regular handle door?

The idea of the emergency push bar though, is firstly to allow the door to remain locked from the outside. This is crucial from a security standpoint. At the same time though, it needs to be easy to open from the inside at all times.

Another important feature, is that the crash bar door needs to be easy to open in a panic and in a scrum – hence the name. Imagine that the fire alarm is going off in your business and that hundreds of customers are trying to get out – pushing against the door. The person at the front is likely not only in a panic, but being pressed up against the glass, possibly at risk to their health.

This is where the crash bar door and your locksmith service comes into its own. Even just being pushed against the door is enough to help it to open, so those inside can escape.

This can be the difference between a catastrophic situation, and a crisis averted – and it’s just one way in which a locksmith Jacksonville can help local businesses. To learn more, and to get in touch with a company that can install the exit door push bar quickly and affordably, give Jax Locksmith Pro a call.

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