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Kingsley Plantation is the site of an estate that was once located situated in Jacksonville, Florida, that was named after an owner who was a few years earlier, Zephaniah Kingsley, who was there for 25 years. It is situated at the northern end of Fort George Island at Fort George Inlet it is part of Timucuan’s Ecological and Historic Preserve, which is managed through the U.S. National Park Service. The plantation originally comprised 1000 acres, much of it has been subdivided by forests. the grounds and structures of the park are now about 60 acres. Evidence of pre-Columbian Timucua existence can be found present on the island, as are the remnants of a Spanish mission called San Juan del Puerto. In the British administration in 1765 the plantation was set up that was owned by a variety of owners before Florida was transferred to Spain before being transferred to the United States. The longest period of ownership occurred under Kingsley with his wife and family which was a multiracial and polygamous family that was ruled by and unresponsive to issues related to slavery and race. Free blacks as well as several private owners resided at this plantation up until the time it was handed over into the State of Florida in 1955. It was purchased from the National Park Service in 1991. Click here for more about Kingsley Plantation

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