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High Security Locks

You wouldn’t run a business without insurance, so why run a business without investing in the best high security locks in Jacksonville?

They say that prevention is better than cure, and this is absolutely true when it comes to security. Instead of trying to get stolen information or property back, instead make sure it doesn’t go anywhere in the first place!

Here at Jax Locksmith Pro, we help businesses to get the high security door locks they deserve. Read on to learn more.


We Provide High Security Locks in Jacksonville

When you start a new business, or decide to invest in an old one, a locksmith service is one of the first numbers you should call.

Get in touch with Jax Locksmith Pro and we’ll provide you with a no-obligation consultation to help you discover the kinds of locks that your business needs. The right security installations can not only keep your property and your information safer, but could also help to make your business run more smoothly.

As well as high security door locks, we can also help you to integrate your security with other features. For instance, why not invest in a keycard system? This way, you will have more granular access control, allowing you to decide specifically who can enter which parts of your business and when. You won’t need to re-key your lock everytime an old employee leaves, you can simply remove that card from the system.

Worried about lost keys? Then how about a biometric system. This is one of the most high security locks in the industry.

But not every high security lock needs to be a high tech solution with individual users. In many cases, the most high security lock is something much more basic and analogue. And this can often prove to be the more practical solution for brick and mortar business.

For example, many businesses will choose high security deadbolt locks. These can serve as primary locks, or can be backup security measures. A deadbolt lock is simply a lock that isn’t on a spring, meaning that only turning the key can cause it to open. This can add extra security to any store, restaurant or hotel for a very small amount of additional investment.

High security deadbolt locks are a great option for external locks, but you can also add additional security inside. How about a high security padlock on your till or the door to your staff room? This way, even if a trespasser should get into your building, they’ll still have a hard time getting any further. High security padlocks can’t simply be cut or picked, and if you have other security in place – such as CCTV – this will give you the time you need to respond to an alarm.

Whatever type of high security locks you need, get in touch with Jax Locksmith Pro today and we’ll help you to secure your property for an affordable price. We are passionate about security, so you can rest assured that your business is in the best of hands!

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